Visionbody Nutrition

Eat Strong. Be Strong.


The Visionbody Nutrition System
Nutrition concept which is produced by Visionbody.
Based on science & studies from Professor Dr. Blackburn of the Harvard Medical School to Fat & Muscle Metabolism and effects of ketosis.
Created as a „easy-to-coach“ tool for functional fitness gym’s, health and beauty professionals.
Easy measurements, clear treatment plans and evidence-based protocols ensure a successful nutrition program.
Therefore no invasive methods, blood examinations or painful procedures are needed.
The System is easy-to-handle for the client or patient in every-day-life, which is one of key factors of its success.
The client has to follow a easy and smart daily plan without complicated procedures.

Our Nutrition can optimize client’s goals such as:
– Optimizing Body Composition – Reducing Body Fat Mass – Protecting and Gaining Body Muscle Mass – Improving Fat Metabolism – Activating Muscle Metabolism – Reducing Diabetic and Metabolic Risk Factors

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