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Here you will find all necessary information about our company, our ideas and the current state of the EMS market.

The fitness and health market is currently undergoing dramatic changes.

Many fitness centers and other companies in the health and fitness industry unfortunately have to close down or are looking for solutions to survive in this time.

Visionbody with its ideas and products provides solutions in this crisis and will be a key for many entrepreneurs.

Especially in this crisis lies a great opportunity for Visionbody and its partners.


In times of this pandenemic there is a big need for workout to get a stronger immune system with high technology and hygiene systems.

We have prepared our information to the best of our knowledge and hereby make it available to you. Please treat the information on this page as confidential.

It is not permitted to pass on the information to third parties!

If you have any questions, you can reach me at any time by phone at +491742007272 or at h.schmidt@vision-body.com.

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Henri Schmidt

CEO Visionbody Technologies GmbH

Henri Schmidt
CEO Visionbody Technologies GmbH

The EMS Fitness market is still the fastest growing markets for gyms.

Proved by DSSV/Germany


Next Generation EMS is ready to GO!

After the Visionbody version 2.0, which was already developed with our own employees, Visionbody now comes with the new version 3.0 on the market. No other manufacturer offers as much innovation in a small black box as Visionbody.

Permanent heart rate measurement and a motion generator are the most important components of the new Visionbody version 3.0.

Past workouts are stored and the system will start itself up again in the next workout. The calorie consumption during training is calculated exactly and an optimal training control is possible. Movement patterns are recorded and documented. This guarantees a cooperation with health insurance companies and insurance companies.

Enclosed you see all new features at a glance:


In March 2020 Visionbody Technologies GmbH opened its own production facility for Visionbody Suits in Shenzen/China. 18 employees are able to produce the new and worldwide unique EMS Suit on ultra-modern machines. This Suit is in large parts no longer sewn, but glued with a new technique.

Therefore the suit is much more robust and has a much improved wearing comfort compared to the suits that were in use until now. The aim is to turn the personal suit into a normal sports dress.
Hygienic and stylish, flexible and equipped with electrodes, the suit enables a highly effective muscle training in 20 minutes. Humidification of the electrodes is not necessary! 


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Visionbody foundation by Henri Schmidt
Visionbody 1.0
First 100% wireless EMS Generation 1 worldwide.
Visionbody is an innovative market leader.
October 2015
EMS Group training
Launch of the world's first Bluetooth controlled 8-group system
October 2015
Development of sales in > 40 countries, including China
Investment of > EUR 3 million EBIT for development & company set-up from 2014 to 2017
April 2017
Product development
Start of an own development department as
Visionbody Technologies GmbH
April 2017
April 2017
FIBO 2017
Successful Fibo 2017 with Boris Becker as brand ambassador. Through this measure Visionbody was on all channels of the German TV stations.
April 2017
October 2017
Successful conversion of Visionbody's structures with own development team of 5 engineers in case of soft and hardware programming.
October 2017
October 2018
Move to Essen
In October 2018, Visionbody Technologies has moved its headquarters from Mülheim an der Ruhr to Essen-Kettwig. There are now 12 employees working there. Also a showroom and a EMS Gym in order to be able to create videos for home training.
October 2018
March 2020
Start suit production
The goal of Visionbody Technologies GmbH was to become independent from external suppliers. This last step has now been completed with the establishment of the own suit fabric in Shenzen/China. After 6 months of planning and despite delays due to the corona virus, production could start on 15.3. 2020.
March 2020
May 2020
Visionbody 3.0
The Visionbody version 3.0 is the new heart of Visionbody. Unique features and a new connection plate make this version so incomparable. Permanent heart rate measurement and a movement generator are only two of the new USP's that make Visionbody stand out from the competition.
May 2020


You have to feel it to believe it!

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Visionbody is not only an innovation leader in the EMS market, but has the goal to position itself as a lifestyle brand in the future. 


Visionbody is prepared for the most important levels of the health market. Through the Visionbody Online Shop there are considerable sales potentials thanks to cross selling.

After a successful introduction of the Visionbody home system, customers will be offered a line of dietary supplements.
This is already finished and can be called up at any time.


The EMS studio concept of the future

In order to be able to run EMS Studios profitably and also larger facilities
the possibility to install EMS Fitness profitably, Visionbody has developed new concepts.
Here the customer is not bound to fixed times and annoying cables.
With the Visionbody system, operator and customer have much more freedom.

Cost effectiveness and increased turnover are the key to success.

In conventional EMS studios 2 people can train.
Underwear is moistened and a second person is needed to put on the wet vest for the customer and to cable to him.
In busy times, appointments must be kept and customers must be on time, otherwise there will be extreme shifts.

With the Visionbody system the customer comes today with his personal suit into the facility. He gets his Visionbody box at the reception and goes through a dynamic circle. The result is highly effective muscle training in 20 minutes without time pressure. Personal training units can be booked in addition.

Result: less personel costs, more turnover in the center


Visionbody has been flying the flag in the fitness market with attractive exhibition stands since 2015.

many thanks for your attention!