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Issue #43: The Visionbody EMS Effect explained!

Stop reading and watch this! Sounds confusing to write this on a blog, but sometimes it’s also nice to just watch and see how things work out. I found these videos in our archives and I would like to share them with you gentle reader. “You got to feel our EMS System, to believe in

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Issue #42: A 28-Day-Challenge that will transform your body!

“Diet challenges are usually all about what you can’t eat. But what if you could see huge results from a self-experiment that doesn’t put any limits on foods?”   Instead of focusing on what you eat, our 28-day eating challenge emphasizes how you eat. And the results? They could be transformational. Eating slowly is one of the core practices when it

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Issue #41: The Science of Eccentrics and Muscle Tension

Stop putting in 100% of the work and getting 40% of the results.   Sounds confusing and it is unless you understand eccentrics. Lifting weights is fun and great for the ‘gram but if your sole focus is lifting more, without focusing on eccentrics, you’re leaving up to 60% of your gains on the table.

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Issue #38: Is the Lockdown compromising your daily training routine?

We have a workout experiment for you… It’s simple, effective and it’s perfect for people who work from home. If that’s your situation right now, there may be no better time to try these training routines. We call them ‘trigger training.’ But they’re also known as intermittent workouts, micro-workouts, or mini-workouts. These workouts will help

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Issue #37: Strength & Conditioning Training

Why EMS Training? Welcome to The VTC! You can build muscle and endurance with any fitness tool. While that is true, it’s much easier to make progress if you have a way to load each movement, like with barbells and Dumbbells… this is why we usually choose to lift heavy barbells instead of doing endless

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Issue #36: Is your training routine about to become stale?

Is your daily strength routine getting stale…? Are you tired of jogging that lasts super long around the same loop every morning? Maybe your weekly tennis or golf game no longer brings you the same enjoyment that it used to? Or you just can get over the next plateau? It’s never too late to start

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Issue #35: How to boost your metabolism with EMS

What is Metabolism? It is the rate at which you burn calories known as your basal metabolic rate (BMR). Broadly speaking, you burn calories just by existing — whether you’re sitting, exercising, or sleeping, your metabolism is converting calories from food into energy. That energy powers your cells and maintains all your systems, from your brain to

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Issue #34: Stay active even with lower back pain

One of the most important things that people with low back pain can do is to stay as physically active as possible in daily life and exercise regularly.   Things that have been proven to help include exercises to strengthen the core muscles, as well as certain exercises used in pilates, yoga, and EMS. Not

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