The battery can be trained for a long time for about 6 hours (it depends on the chosen program, intensity and battery life). It belongs to the purchased system. You can charge it externally via USB-C cable or charging station, and it is replaceable. It is a Canon camera type battery and customers in the US will receive the battery from Amazon and customers in Switzerland from Patona.

In the ECG version we use LP-E10 battery (7.4V, 900-1100mAh), in the previous version we used LP-E5.


No. You can only create one account per PowerBox. The complete system is designed for one person only, your personal datas and training datas, results etc. are saved in the system.
You can buy a complete system with an additional suit, but you have to split the 120 minutes of training time and you won’t get your real personal results.

  • Solid Green: the device is switched on and in idle state
  • Solid Yellow: stimulation is on
  • Solid low bright green: rest period is on
  • Blinking green: battery voltage is too low
  • Pulsating Blue: there is no Bluetooth connection to the device
  • Solid Blue: the device has an active Bluetooth connection
  • Blinking Blue: the Bluetooth module in the device is in DFU mode and ready for firmware update
    Alternating Green & Red: firmware update in progress
  • Low: 0  – 100 Hz
  • Medium: 2000  – 7000 Hz

Insert the charged battery or check if the inserted battery is charged, press front botton for 3 seconds! Make sure the battery inserted in the right position


You have 120 minutes training time per week
Every Sunday GMT at 12.00am we reset your device to 120 minutes

TIMER in the upper section of the screen will indicate the time elapsed for the training session. The DIAL will move clockwise around the circle denoting the time of the current stimulation period. It will run:
ORANGE for stimulation/contraction (active) period
WHITE for recovery (rest) period.
The PLAY button will turn into a PAUSE button once it is activated. 

If the red warning ! sign shows up, this means the muscle group is “Not Ready” to receive comfortable muscle contraction. Training may continue but the trainer must stop increasing intensity on this muscle group until the warning sign disappears, which indicates that the muscle group is finally ready to train.

The Personal System is an individual product to workout at home or anywhere free, has a limitation of 120 minutes / week and 8 different programs. The intensity, training impulse is 75 % of the Professional System.
There is no difference in the suits. The difference is in the box , you can have a pro box or a personal box.
With the Pro System you can train together with up to 8 persons and the training time is limitless and you have the opportunity to choose from 20 trainings programs.

You can download our myVisionbody App from the App Store to use our “Join class” function, to join to any Visionbody Pro Studio class with an easy click. You can watch videos how to do a proper warm up, training or how to handle your suit. 

To give you the best training experience and and a long lasting suit, we collected the most important informations before you start your Visionbody training. The video will show up only by the 1st trainings. Worth to listen and follow the instructions. In out video collection, you can watch the detailed videos about how to put the suit on, wash the suit, …etc.

You can replay your favourite saved programs anytime. It will start always from 0 (zero) level, but increasing the intensity on the same way as by the last saved training. Of course you can modify it anytime during the workout.

We suggest you to measure your heart rate before and during the training 4-5 times. It helps you to find the best level to burn fat and build muscle. The optimal level is: 180-your age. So if you are 50 years old (180-50=130) 130 is the best level for you

Powersuit /Pants / Vest

Yes, easy-care at a maximum of 30°C/86F. Suggested spin speed: 800. Wash the suit in the laundry bag that is provided, do not turn it inside out. Fasten all velcro closures before washing. Mild detergent (without bleach) should be used, Ph8-8.5. The best is sensitive baby washing liquid. Do not use textile softener or any sport cloth detergent.
The Visionbody Powersuit does not need to be washed after each training session.
But after each training session, the suit should be turned “inside out” so that it can dry much faster. You are recommended to wash the Visionbody Powersuit after 2-3 training sessions. After 2-3times it is highly recommended, since the salt from the sweat can block the stimulation

However, you can upgrade your old boxes to the new version and order the new suits. Contact our team at

Electrodes (pads) on the Visionbody Powersuit divide into 8 different muscle groups (in the new suits 10-biceps-triceps and hams-quads separated,) controlled by the Visionbody App.

They stand for comfort and effectiveness. They can be used with the Personal Box and the myVisionbody App. With the PowerPants the  anti cellulite program comes up in the App. The anti cellulite program fights against cellulite by stimulating the muscle metabolism and tightening the skin. Just 20 minutes weekly are enough to see visible improvements. Contains 6 electrode pairs, including adductor. From 2023 new version is available with 7 electrode pairs, including calves.

No, you do not need to wear any undergarments under the suit. However you can wear small underwear, but make sure the electrodes inside the Visionbody Powersuit are not covered and blocked. Best is: string tanga and no bra.

The electrodes are made of an anti-bacterial silver textile and silicone. You do not need to wash it after every training session. We recommend using for the Visionbody Powersuit gentle cycle (easy care) at maximum 30 °/86F after 3–4 training units. Rinse. Required spin speed: 800 rpm. Wash the suit in the laundry net provided, do not turn “inside out”. Close the Velcro fasteners prior to washing. Do not handwash! A suitable pH-neutral detergent (without bleach, pH value 8-8.5) must be used as washing detergent. Do not use fabric softener. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Dry flat, do not dry directly in the sun. Do not dry clean. Do not wring it out. Keep away from open fire.

It is a normal reaction as your circulation was speeded up and the electrodes had a gentle pressure on your body during the workout. 

We measure your ECG through the chest electrodes. As Powerpants don’t cover the chest, no option to measure the ECG

Yes you can.  If you 1st put the Powerbox on the garment and then switch it on, the matching screen will come up. 

Yes, you can buy a PowerBox anytime as an add-on here in the webshop. Just download our myVisionbody App from the Appstore and pair it with your new box.


It should be used not more than twice a week for workout (20-25min).
Additionally you can use the massge or wellness program after workout.

20 minutes of EMS training  will replace up to 3-4 hours of a traditional workout (depends on the type of workout). Maximum performance increases by up to  20-30% within a few weeks. Muscle mass increases by up to  14%  within a few months.

The Visionbody Powersuit can be used to give all sports activities a “boost”. Apart from water- , motor- and electro sports, all activities are possible.

Warm up is crucial to prevent injury and extreme sourness. An active circulation is also important to get the right connection with the suit. Perform a 3-5 minutes,  till the impulse fields are no longer show ing the ! warning sign in the red triangle.
Before starting the training it is not necessary to moisten or spray the suit. Very important to drink enough still water before, during and after training.

Sore muscles are a sign, however not an absolute must for intensive training. Any intensive muscle training can result sore muscles, and this is also the case with the Visionbody Powersuit. This depends on the intensity and complexity of the workout and your fitness level. EMS stimulates the muscles more intensively, which is why severe sore muscles can occur after the first few sessions. If your muscle soreness  is too intense, the training intensity should be reduced by the next training session. 

NO! The Visionbody System should not be used in areas where the user could be exposed to water, including keeping a safe distance from rain and steam baths and any watersport.

With this combination we can simulate differenet type of trainings (like strength, fatburning,..) and can reach deeper muscle groups, not only the nerves on the surface.

20 minutes EMS training replaces 3-4 hours classical training (depends on the type) workout and your physical muscle power can increase in few weeks with 20-25 %.

Before any intense workout, it is important to sufficiently warm up the body. This reduces the risk of injury or ineffective training. Specifically with the Visionbody system, there is also another important reason to warm up properly before you start trainin: to get the proper connection between the body and the Visionbody electrodes. For this you need to activate your circulation. Also very important to drink still water before and during training. If the body is dehidrated (not ready to do sport) there won’t be right contact between the electrodes and the body parts.

The biofeedback will help you, the red ! warning sign symbol provides information about whether you can start to increase stimulation or not. If you try to increase the intensity of each muscle group, the areas that are not yet properly warmed up will be showing  a ! sign in a red triangle.

Within each training programs Visionbody Certified Trainers have the ability to set the intensity on every body parts by every user individually according to their fitness abilities and goals.

It is extremely important to consume quality proteins and stay hydrated before, during, and after the training session, so you have to drink enough water before training.

Most importantly do not over train. It is mandatory to let your body recover after every type of sport but especially after an EMS workout with a minimum of 48 hours between the training sessions.

By EMS all age groups are addressed over 18. EMS helps older generation to keep the muscles and cells active and help to boost the immune system.

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